Speaking from the Heart

If you are looking for a warm and walks-the-walk keynote speaker or workshop presenter, I would love to share my stories with your audience.

What Kind of a Speaker Am I?


Your Not-So-Perfect Speaker

I may not speak perfect English, but coming from a culturally diverse background, I bring a unique perspective to my presentation. Most importantly, I keep things REAL.

As a global trotter, I am also experienced in presenting to a non-English speaking audience through working with interpreters.


An Engaging Speaker

Often described by event photographers as a speaker who is hard to photograph, I speak with energy and warmth (and a lot of hand gestures). I’m an enthusiastic presenter who believes in the importance of engaging the audience through the power of storytelling.


A Global Perspective

From Mongolia to Peru, from hospitals to the United Nations, I share the inspirations and amazing human spirits and stories from my extensive travel over the years.


An Actionable Plan

Feeling inspired is great, but knowing how to take action after being inspired is equally important.

That’s why I’m big on being practical with my presentation, sharing actionable tips with my audience.

What Do I Speak About?

Here are some of the topics I cover:
  • How to work with a small team and still achieve high performance
  • How to grow your business with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • How to engage and motivate young talents
  • How to create engaging content through storytelling on social media
  • How to create an effective grant submission
  • What does innovation actually mean
  • Diversity in the boardroom
  • What does it mean to have a personal brand
  • How to be heard.

Future Skills Today

Mentoring Group

Are you looking to take your career to the next level? Perhaps you want to get more out of your life. Join our virtual Future Skills Today Mentoring Group, so we can support one another to grow and flourish.

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What are the benefits of being part of Future Skills Today Mentoring Group?

  • Developing a skill or competency
  • Broadening your perspective
  • Building a meaningful network of contacts
  • Better understanding of yourself. 

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