Who is Suzi Chen?

Impact Strategist | Board Director | Designer | Photographer

Suzi Chen is an impact strategist with a strong interest in social impact and futures thinking. Working with businesses to embed social impact strategies in their core operation, Suzi believes social impact should be a key driver for business growth.

Trained as a medical scientist, project manager and graphic designer, Suzi has enjoyed a non-traditional career. Through mentoring programs, Suzi shares her experience and helps early to mid-career professionals build a meaningful career by exploring their social impact potential.

Suzi also runs a strategy consulting firm Notonos Global, which helps businesses adapt to change in a way that shapes a better future.

Shaping your future with purpose

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Getting to know Dr Suzi Chen

Professional Highlights

  • Designed and launched in 2019 a natural skincare brand Mighty Impression, which connects beauty lovers with life-changing projects through everyday skincare product purchases
  • Led an international committee in 2018 with members from 12 countries, advancing the UN Sustainable Development Agenda
  • Chaired and hosted an international summit on gender equality at the United Nations (New York City) in 2018
  • Delivered multi-million dollar projects for the State of Victoria, Australia
  • Led state-level budget and bid submissions
  • Advised emergency services ministers and commissioners though opinion and options papers on community safety framework and policies.