Finding your purpose and social impact

Finding your life purpose with Dr Suzi Chen

The Chinese proverb says “plans can’t catch up with changes“. Indeed, life can be full of surprises. And you probably have realised by now that what we set out to do when we were younger may not always turn out as planned.

It’s not uncommon our career path changes and we end up in an unexpected place. Similarly, it’s also not unusual for people to question about their life purpose or meaningfulness of their current job. You may even feel the desire to do something different with your life.

Ready to discover, reinvent and invest in you?

As someone who has led a very non-linear professional life, I can appreciate the dilemma, hesitation and self-doubt that comes with wanting to do something different and making a greater impact in life.

If this is where you are at in your life, an impact mentoring program can be very helpful to give you clarity and direction.

Dr Szui Chen making a difference

What can we achieve together?

-> Discover your life purpose

I help people who seek beyond professional success discover life purpose and make a difference

-> Reinvent your career

I help professionals who crave for more professionally redesign their career path and achieve meaningful success

-> Invest in you

I help people achieve their potential by learning how best to invest in themselves